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The PRfriend press release submission service was set up to help organizations big and small to post original press releases giving up-to-date news of what they are best at. You will see that this site is thoughtfully designed and mobile-friendly.
Press Release Submission
The search engines do not now encourage duplicate content and so we think that it is worth your time posting unique press releases in choice locations, each linking back to your organization. For this reason, we only now publish unique press releases that cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. This will enhance your reputation in our view and help to build your good name.

We recommend that you submit a unique press release on a regular basis so that your customers are aware of the latest developments in your particular area of expertise. A good press release is not about hard selling. It is about telling a story and offering useful and revealing information that will enhance your reputation with both your potential clients and those who are already working with you.

The site is set up so that those who are interested in what you do will be able to find your information directly. You can use any one of our diverse categories and relevant tags as well. Please ensure that your press release submission is newsworthy, well-written and has not been published anywhere else on The Internet.

Posting your Press release

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