Dealing with workplace harassment in your company

If you own a company, then you must accept the fact that there is a need for legislative policies to be established when it comes to workplace harassment. This is not only to create an environment at work that has zero tolerance for any form of harassment, but this is also to ensure that there is a proper forum where this kind of situation can be aired. These policies will also make sure that there are certain procedures that could be followed when it comes to reporting incidents of harassment, especially if they have led to considerable stress in the workplace. Mechanisms should be in place for preventing the harassment of anyone because of their age, sex, race, religious beliefs, and color.

However, before you can establish any legislative policy against workplace harassment, there is still a need for you and the rest of the high-ranking officials in your company to acknowledge the fact that there is a possibility for this to happen. You would need to make a public acknowledgment so that your employees would know your intentions. Once you have done this, then there will be more women or men who would come out of hiding after being harassment victims for a long period of time. This will pave the way for you to establish and then to publish the policy for your company when it comes to any kind of harassment, especially ones that have created stress in the workplace. This piece of legislation should have a clear definition of harassment as well as provide specific examples of such cases. There should also be a procedure to be followed when it comes to the reporting and the dealing of the complaints that will reach your office.

It might not be sufficient to just establish a policy on workplace harassment. Training should also be provided so that the issue can be clarified. This is also to show how the management is supporting the bid for the prevention of harassment in the workplace. The training will also encourage everyone to talk about the issue and to educate the employees on how they can cope with any type of offensive behavior, especially if this has created a stress in the workplace that has alienated some employees from the others. Even the managers themselves should also be taught how to know the some harassment signs and the steps on how to intervene in such situations and to process the complaints that have already been received. To make sure that all employees are apprised of this policy, then copies should also be provided to each of them.

A legislative policy on workplace harassment must also contain the necessary procedures in investigating the situation. There should be an interviewing process for both the parties concerned and a meeting should also be mediated between them. Objectivity should always be the key in handling this situation, especially if there is already stress in the workplace involved. Aside from these, there should be ample consideration poured into the types of disciplinary measures that should be meted for the offense. Depending on the extent of the harassment, disciplinary measures could include warnings, close supervision, apologies, transfers, reprimands, and suspensions or terminations. There should also be a disciplinary measure against employees who filed false accusations against managers or co-employers.

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