IPR License launches book rights initiative for film makers

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Friday 1st March 2013
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IPR License launches book rights initiative for film makers

IPR License, the global digital licensing platform, has opened its doors to film production companies to search and secure book rights after the huge success of book adaptations in this year’s Oscars.
IPR License has already signed up US-based 20th Century Fox owned Blue Skies Studios and Tribeca Film as it looks to capitalise on the opportunities arising from increasing numbers of film makers looking to purchase rights options across an array of literary works.
This comes on the back of four of the six big winners at the recent Oscars being from films adapted from books. Winner of the best actor award Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln was based on the 2005 Doris Kearns Goodwin biography Team of Rivals. The best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence starred in Silver Linings Playbook which was adapted from the 2008 novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. Best supporting actress winner Anne Hathaway starred in Les Miserables, a musical adaptation of the 1862 Victor Hugo classic. In addition, director Ang Lee took the award for best director for the film Life of Pi, based on the 2001 novel of the same title.
With over 13 million records now on the IPR License platform, those looking to purchase rights can use the search facility to locate work of specific interest to them which is available to license in their territory and then contact the rights-holder directly through the messaging system.
In addition, the platform highlights those records receiving the most interest, recently added and recently licensed, and sends a weekly bulletin to all members.
Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of IPR License, commented:
“The Oscars have really worked to showcase just how successful book adaptations can be. With Cloud Atlas and Beautiful Creatures currently making waves in the cinema and with the imminent releases of The Great Gatsby, The Host and World War Z, amongst many others, it really does underline how film producers of all sizes and budgets are turning to book adaptations in their droves. With millions of potential book adaptation rights already on the system and more being added daily, this platform really does offer film production companies a fantastic opportunity to option a variety of original and potentially award winning pieces of literary work.”

For further information please visit www.iprlicense.com


For further information please contact:

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License
[email protected]
Tel No: 020 7448 5162

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