Premier Toyota South Coast Reveals Lithium-Air Battery Project

Over the last few years, Toyota has helped pave the way toward environmental sustainability. With the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the Prius and the RAV4 EV, Toyota has really set the bar high. Now Toyota has vowed to continue the company’s efforts toward an eco-friendly automotive industry by implementing the second phase of developing a lithium-air battery with BMW. This battery, once fully designed, will greatly increase the range of electric vehicles, which in turn will make them a much more serious consideration for the everyday driver interested both in saving money and in reducing mankind’s carbon footprint. Premier Toyota South Coast got the inside scoop on this latest announcement.
Phase one of this research with BMW began last March. Now that this phase of research has successfully been completed, Toyota and BMW are ready to begin phase two. The projected completion date for the entire project is 2020. Both companies are very excited about the research and promise that the results will have a great positive impact on the environment and the way in which the world drives.

“TMC and the BMW Group share the same strategic vision of future sustainable mobility,” stated Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. He continued, “In light of the technological changes ahead, the entire automotive industry faces tremendous challenges, which we also regard as an opportunity. This collaboration is an important building block in keeping both companies on a successful course in the future.”

During the research over the next eight years, Toyota and BMW will also be collaborating on a few additional projects. The first is directly related to the new battery research: the development of a fuel cell system. This fuel cell system will be mated with the lithium-air battery for more efficient driving. This project will also be completed by 2020. The second project that the two car companies are collaborating on is an all-new concept for a midsize sports car. They expect to unveil this concept by the end of 2013. Finally, Toyota and BMW will look into alternative bodies for their vehicles, seriously considering reinforced composites, a lightweight technology that will call for less fuel.

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